Thursday, October 30, 2008

AC: She was like "..." and he was all like "..."

Hey everybody! The festival is next week. OMG, I can't believe it. Recent developments include:

  • Imedia, the Dallas independent cable network, will be taping a technical-themed fest wrap-up at the Angelika on Nov. 8th, where they will document our new iTunes projection set-up and talk to festers, filmmakers, and staffers. I think it'll be great!

Cool filmmakers coming to town include, but are not limited to:

  • Spencer Haplin, who made the controversial gaming documentary Moral Kombat
  • Chris Strompolos, the producer and star of Raiders of the Lost Ark: the Adaptation
  • Denny Tedesco, who made The Wrecking Crew
  • Jerri Truhill, subject of the documentary film She Should Have Gone to the Moon
  • Bill Dear, the Private Eye detective behind the film O.J. Is Guilty but Not of Murder - one of myfaves!

Go to our website and watch some trailers!

The Guts and Glory competition will be held this Saturday night at the Magnolia Lounge in Fair Park. We have three 16mm slots open. There is still time to register, just send an email to Bart and ask him to include your team.

One gentleman may have a camera and is interested in teaming up with someone who has some experience shooting and loading film. Also we have another team that needs to borrow a light meter - email if you can help. If you want to participate but are holding back because you don't have a camera, email us and maybe we can match you up with a needy team.

I also encourage anyone who wants to attend the Texas Show to arrive early for admission to the very first Dallas Video Festival Awards presentation, which will be offered free with your ticket to the Texas Show, or of course, included in your day pass. We are offering single ticket passes for 11 selected films. For a list of those films, read the section labeled "DETAILS" here.

THANK YOU TO CHUCK JOHNSON WHO DID OUR AWESOME PROGRAM BOOK! Now if we can only print them in time! It's going to be a nail biter. There's tons more that I won't write about here. Check out our blog which you can get to through the festival website as well.

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