Friday, November 7, 2008


We are being flooded with calls and emails regarding tonight's in-demand screening of Denny Tedesco's The Wrecking Crew.

You can no longer buy tickets for Friday night online.

You must buy them at the door, they go on sale upstairs at the Angelika at 6:00pm
We take cash or credit. You can buy a single ticket for 10$
You can buy all night passes for 25$ which gets your into everything including The Wrecking Crew.

Because we sell All Fest Passes, Day Passes, and Single Ticket Passes there is a chance we may oversell this event, - meaning just because you have a ticket doesn't mean you can get a seat.

The theater seats 220. We will sell out so get your ticket early and get in line! If you buy a single ticket pass and you can't get a seat we will give you your money back.

Lets work together AMERICA!

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