Sunday, November 16, 2008

Bart Chat

The Dallas Video Festival is a week behind us and we have all had some sleep. I really enjoyed the festival this year, I loved the venue, and I loved our Coffee and Conversation sessions, which worked on so many levels. It allowed us to have real Q&As with the makers in much more depth. Festival attendees got a chance to get in on the dinner conversation that I would have had with these filmmakers, which is when they say what’s really on their minds. It allowed us to serve the audience and the makers and keep the show moving on time.

I loved the way the projection worked. It was just amazing. Steve Alford, thank you so much. The iTunes experiment went really well, and if next year we can get all the makers to send us files instead of digital Betacam, we can keep Tim Capper from going crazy.

Everyone who came really enjoyed the videos and the experience. Even though we didn’t control the whole building like we did at the theater center, there was a great video fest vibe. It was also somewhat of a changing of the guard. This was AC's first festival running the show and she did such a wonderful job. We had a great crew working, smaller but more efficient.

Then there was Jeremy, who made it all work in every way. This year he did the job of three people, all with perfection and grace. Thanks to all of you who came. More about the festival in the weeks to come.

Right now, I’m in Boston at the Jewish Festival looking for Jewish film to program here. The Amon Carter is showing Mary Lucier's video installation, The Plains of Sweet Regret. We showed an installation from her in Year One at the Video Fest, when we were at the DMA. I’m sure it’s worth the trip.

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