Thursday, October 23, 2008

AC: She was like "..." and he was all like "..."

Recently, we’ve had to make some adjustments to the schedule that should be reflected on the Fest website and in the program book. We’re going to show Albert Maysles’s rarely screened film Running Fence, instead of The Gates, which recently played on HBO.

Postcards, posters, and banners have been ordered. Our talented and hard-working graphics designer, Chuck Johnson, is hard at work on the Program Book. We’re barreling towards Fest time and there’s officially no turning back. Yes, we are having a festival. We’ve also launched our Guts and Glory 3 website.

I wanted to mention that we’re very excited to screen a new film, fresh off the Steinbeck, The Color of Money. It’s a riveting, international perspective on American campaign financing. It’s just beginning its international run, and I have it on good authority that once it makes the rounds, it will play a major role regarding how our election financing is perceived by the rest of the world. See it here first, at the Dallas Video Festival.

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